Source Vitál: Silt Body Scrub (8.39 oz)

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You don’t need harsh chemicals or vigorous scrubbing to get smooth skin. This hard working, yet gentle skin scrub leaves body feeling super soft and silky smooth thanks to colloidal freshwater silt and bentonite clay. Over stimulating treatments dry the skin and can cause damage and irritation. Let all natural ingredients do the work for you. The reward? Pampered and beautiful looking skin. Features & Benefits: Stimulates the removal of dead skin cells for healthy-looking skin; Leaves dry, flaky, calloused skin soft, hydrated, and nourished, never drying; Purifies and protects skin against environmental irritants and grime that can cause irritation; Silt Scrub Body is good for all skin types, best for those times when skin is feeling rough or retaining water; Perfect for giving a smooth texture to skin prior to applying self tanner; Also excellent to smooth feet & hands before a manicure/pedicure. Key Natural Ingredients: Colloidal freshwater silt – softens and smooths, skin looks toned, healthy, and more youthful; Bentonite clay – helps to purify skin and give a balanced, clarified look; Red algae (LIthothamnium) – calms, soothes, and hydrates skin and offers a feeling of balance and purity, protects skin from visible signs of aging; Basil and Pine Essential Oils – give a calmed feel to skin and muscles; Melissa and Lavender Essential Oils – makes skin feel calm with an even tone; Marjoram Essential Oil – lends a calming and restful sensation to skin

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