Schatzii FireFly Running & Biking Safety Lights - Blue

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Schatzii FireFly Running & Biking Safety Lights - Blue


The FireFly Running & Biking Safety Lights help you be seen and stay safe in the dark. The lightweight light spurs easily clip on to the heel of your shoe and produce high-intensity light that provides high visibility while running, biking or walking at night.


The FireFly light spurs help keep you safe and visible during night time runs, walks or bike rides. The FireFly heel lights are lightweight and comfortable, and quickly clip on to the back of your shoe and just as easily and quickly removed.  With its unique adjustable "flex" design, one size fits all for men, women and children shoes.


The FireFly has 2 light modes to choose from: 1) Always On, or 2) Continuous Flashing.  The high-intensity light allows you to be seen from a long distance in the dark. The FireFly is available in Blue, Green, and Red, and provide 100 hours of continuous use before having to replace the battery.  These light spurs are comfortable and super lightweight so you won't even know they're there.  Be Seen and Stay Safe with the FireFly. 


About this product:

- Be Seen and Stay Safe at Night

- Comfortable & Lightweight

- Easily clips on to any shoe

- High-Intensity Green or Red Lights available

- Replaceable Battery

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