Mini Ceramic Flower with Lavender Fragrance Diffuser

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Mini Ceramic Flower with Lavender Fragrance Diffuser

People have been using scented oils and diffusers for years to freshen up their homes. It's by far one of the safest ways to diffuse scented oils due to its lack of need for any direct flame or heating element. It's a time tested method of freshening up a space, and now you're welcome to bring that same factor into your own home or office! This fantastic scents to bring a little something special to the living space of your choice.


About this Product:

  • Glass, solvent, fragrance oil, PVC, plaster, cardboard, rattan
  • Fragrance duration: 30 days
  • Keep away from high heat, sparks or open flames
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Not for consumption

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