MasterPieces Inc.- John Wayne Opoly

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John Wayne lived a long and colorful life with a prolific career. As one of the most beloved actors of our time, the personal items owned by John Wayne represent important milestones from his career and achievements. Now get ready to create your own with an amazing collection of auction items from the legendary life of this iconic star with John Wayne Opoly! Play on an auction-themed Hollywood game board to collect the iconic memorabilia of the Duke. This game comes with 6 customer pewter pieces, 22 property cards, 4 Wayne word cards, 2 ranch cards, 16 director’s notes cards, 16 auction block cards, packet of money, 32 Barrels, 12 Sheriff’s Offices, 2 dice and game instruction. Each of the cards comes with unique trivia. Develop properties with custom-designed Barrels and Sheriff’s Offices. Be the one who purchases the most properties to win. Going once, going twice, sold!

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