10 FEEL Boxes - Feed Educate & Empower Leaders Box

Contribution: 100% of Each Sale
Exclusive Product For - The FEEL: Feed & Educate to Empower Leaders Movement

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*Buy the 10 box package for Brandon Marshall to gift back to the community!

FEEL Box and the intention/logic behind it is to truly:

Feed &

Educate to



These boxes will include empowering educational materials created by other youth-oriented foundations, including:
Digital Tablet + headphones (Provided by the Guardians for Literacy Program):

Emotional Wellness - MTS
Empowerment and Motivation - LEAP
Expression + Career Path - WACO
DEA Outreach Program

BUNDLE will also include:

Food Box: for 1 month - non-perishable items provided by “Food Bank” - ($125)
Hygiene Package: - (toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, comb, body lotion) - ($30)
Notebook and pens ($10)

We care for the communities that are underserved by extending a helping hand to those who have been impacted by domestic violence, drug abuse, and social injustices.

We want to help them take their first step towards getting to an emotionally stable point and knowing they are cared for. And provide tools and resources to discover a potential career path, becoming strong and empowered and understanding that drugs and violence are never the answer.


This order will be distributed on Thanksgiving Week.

We are aware that some donation orders have been charged tax. This issue is being addressed. In the meantime we will be refunding the tax amounts through the appropriate payment gateway.

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