“YES, that’s right! We give 40% from every purchase!”

We are working towards building a revolutionary fundraising platform and our partners understand this. We work with vendors that have goals aligned with ours. They want to promote conscious shopping in order to help make the world a better place.

A lifestyle of giving with everyday shopping


There is no minimum or maximum length for SNTF campaigns. This gives you flexibility when creating and managing your campaign. If you wish to extend your campaign’s timeframe for more than a month, you can contact one of our representatives and get that done.

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You will be able to track your campaign, see how much you have collected so far, and how much you have left to raise. In addition, you can see if it is possible to extend your campaign and therefore raise even more money.

From order fulfillment to customer support, our teams at SNTF take care of your customer experience - and ensure that every shipment reaches the end customer. With that, we show that we care for the overall quality of our service - as well as your experience when working with us.

Some questions that you need to answer in order for your supporters to understand your cause are:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you planning to make?
  3. Where did your project come from?
  4. What’s your budget?
  5. Why do you care?

An important recommendation is to use images, videos and other creative content to showcase your cause.

The best way to raise support for your campaign is to prepare an outreach plan beforehand and target your personal network. From sharing it on Facebook to sending a few tweets (or ads), it is important to cover as many mediums as possible. An email newsletter can also be handy for the closest (potential) backers in the beginning.

For additional tips and recommendations, please check out our handbook Click Here

A digital catalog can be more beneficial than a physical catalog for your crowdfunding project. In a way, it is the ideal medium that inspires and helps people to discover products. From increasing online reach to boosting your conversion rates, digital catalogs are designed to help you build brand authority and engagement.

Communicating with your backers and supporters is crucial to understanding and keeping them informed of your progress. Some of the major channels for promotion include your spotlight page as well as our messaging system that lets you help keep more and more backers in the loop.

Why ShopNowToFund™?

  • Fully digitized product fundraising
  • No Startup Costs
  • Hassle-free Order Fulfillment
  • No deadlines or goal requirements
  • Keep 40% of all purchases
  • On-demand Customer Service